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Public Administration in America: Why We Need It Now More Than Ever


Public Administration in America: Why We Need It Now More Than Ever
Public Administration in America: Why We Need It Now More Than Ever

What does public administration in America mean? It means that government agencies are expected to be transparent, fair, and efficient—a tall order when you consider the complexity of our nation’s public services and resources, both local and federal. This guide will introduce you to the history of public administration in America, explain why it’s important now more than ever, and tell you how we can help our government serve its citizens better.


What Is Public Administration?

The scope of public administration has broadened over the years to include a myriad of administrative functions and tasks, with many organizations now providing training courses for aspiring public servants. By working with governmental agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and the community at large, administrators have the power to improve the quality of life.

Municipal law enforcement officials are one example of public administration officials who work to maintain order by investigating crimes, performing patrols or traffic duties, enforcing ordinances, and maintaining general law enforcement functions within a given jurisdiction.

In addition to providing law enforcement, public administrators oversee many other aspects of community life. Human resource managers, for example, work with government agencies and municipalities to oversee recruitment, hiring, and training within an organization.

So, who are public administrators? Anyone working for or representing a government agency could be considered a public administrator. A school bus driver or private security guard at an apartment complex, for example, might not consider themselves part of a governing body—but they’re an integral part of public administration nonetheless.

Public administration is an invaluable force in our communities, providing services and oversight that would be difficult to manage without. If you’re interested in working with government agencies or nonprofits, consider pursuing a degree or certificate in public administration. Many universities and private training providers offer programs designed to equip students with a thorough knowledge of government operations, as well as an understanding of human resources management and more.

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Why Do We Need It?

The critical importance of public administration should be evident to anyone who is an active member of our communities, whether through their volunteer efforts or by paying taxes. The act of governing–whether it’s a large country or a small town–is imperative to the success and health of society.

Public administration has always been focused on improving communities, societies, governments, and people’s lives. But now more than ever, public administration is needed because the government at all levels faces unprecedented challenges that are leaving many people behind.

From local to the federal government, public administration helps make our country run. If you think of a community–town, city, or state–there are individuals who help to govern it and keep it running smoothly and efficiently. These are people we don’t necessarily see every day (or maybe ever!), but without them, our communities would not be as safe or vibrant as they are.

Public administration is not only an important service but also a professional one. The public sector is made up of all kinds of jobs that require similar skills and roles. People involved in public administration are dedicated to improving communities through effective policies, programs, and services. Whether they work for local governments or federal agencies, their work involves serving as decision-makers and implementing solutions to society’s challenges and problems.

Key Challenges

1. Soaring public debt and rising expenses for interest payments, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will eventually compel Congress to enact large-scale tax increases or reductions in government services. There are currently no serious discussions in Washington about raising taxes or reducing entitlement spending to curb the soaring national debt.

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2. The growth of technology-driven industries has led to an outsourcing of jobs from established sectors, such as manufacturing, government agencies, banks, and finance firms.

3. The migration of jobs overseas has contributed to stagnant wages for American workers in both traditionally high-paying and low-paying occupations.

4. The nation’s infrastructure is aging rapidly without sufficient resources allocated for its repair; this leads to a lack of investment that could lead to lower standards of living in the future.

If left unchecked, these trends threaten not only our prosperity but also our quality of life. These challenges have made public administration more important than ever. Public administrators need to be innovative, proactive, and entrepreneurial in their response to local problems.

They must encourage economic development and provide efficient use of limited resources through cost-effective strategies. With new funding opportunities now available through stimulus programs, local governments can be innovative by supporting employment initiatives that create long-term benefits for the community

How To Make A Career In It

Just because there’s been a shift away from the public sector doesn’t mean that public administration is going anywhere. Quite the opposite. With more and more Americans relying on government services, we need them to work as efficiently and productively as possible.

So How Do You Go About Making A Career In Public Administration?

  • The first step is getting your education at one of these institutions.
  • You can major in any number of disciplines (political science, psychology, sociology) but it’s important to get some exposure to administrative processes before entering the workforce.
  • Another way to get your foot in the door is by volunteering with an organization or through internships with governmental organizations.
  • But even if those are out of reach, for now, there are plenty of other ways to learn more about what the field has to offer.
  • For example, many agencies have social media pages where they post updates and opportunities for citizens.
  • There are also countless blogs written by people who work in public administration.
  • These are great sources for staying up-to-date on trends and developments within the industry.
  • Once you’ve had some time to explore all the options, it might be time to start applying for jobs.
  • Start with local positions so that you’re able to stay close to home during this transition period.
  • Keep in mind that not every job requires previous experience.
  • In fact, positions such as technical assistants often come open due to retirements or budget cuts rather than employees leaving on their own accord.
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All things considered, public administration in America is a stable and rewarding profession for someone who wants to make a difference.


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